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"I live here of course." He said, leaning on the door frame. "Now who would have guessed that you were the tin can's Big brother."
"Don't be smart with me Envy. What have you done to my brother?"
"Done? I have done nothing of the sort" he said disappearing behind the door frame before sticking his head back out again. "Just come on."
I started to follow him down the stairs. Being inside Envy's house with a half-naked Envy was a little awkward to say the least. I mean he just spent the last week glaring death-holes into my body and now he's acting border-line friendly with me?
"Brother!!" I saw Al swimming in the middle of a large pool with windows surrounding the room.
"WhAt ThE hElL aL!!!!!! WhErE aRe YoUr ClOtHes?!?!" What the hell, why was Al only in his swimming shorts!?! Didn't he know that tall freak might rape him!?!
"That's not nice to think about my brother like that, not at all." A voice said,
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It's been 3 Days
3 days since I started at this school.
3 Days of sitting with Ling and Lan Fan.
3 days of off Amethyst Eyes glaring at me.
3 days of AL ditching me after school.
But What has been killing me the most is...
"Sugilite!"  CRAP! Everywhere eyes! Everywhere eyes trying to burn my SOUL slowly killing me!
"No,  Elric, sugilite is not a move in blitz ball. Six laps around the gym now everyone And next time try to pay me some attention"  my gym teacher said before blowing his whistle. Those eyes still burning into me as the rest turn away, Those sugilite eyes continuing to burn into me. Watching. Glaring. Why did it have to be one of the classes I have with HIM!
3 days of thinking of suglilite eys just inches away
Not only that but i have found out that i share  three classes a day with him. which between the glares and the mental stabbing, yeah he thinks i can't feel him mentally stabbing me over and over  they've become so str
:iconxalkaivendetta:XalkaiVendetta 2 0
wishfulliving89 :    You are now becoming one of my favorite people
So the Other day my new beta  asked me
Kaminari-no-Yousei - "so are together yet"
Me - "who"
Kaminari-no-Yousei - "Ed and Envy"
i glared  but none the less i love her ^_^ with all the help she's doing with this for me
Slight EvnyXRoy
OOC dermatic Envy
Fist smashing into the table as the cheese cake jumped up alive"GOD DAMN IT!"
"Envy what's wrong?" Gracia asked from her place, her eyes starting to water and tear "i-is the cake not good?"
"NO! Gracia my baby the cake is amazing!" Maes said jumping to the cunter and holding her closely "theres nothing wrong with it . it's perfect just like you are" snaggling her and pooring effection on her. So much it made you want to be sick 'but i wish someone would hold me like that' "He's just mad that he was called a girl again"
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Ok sorry it took so long i went to a con then it deleted it's self like three time so i had to keep redoing it and redoing it and after a while i just didn't feel the want to do it again but here it is.
To all the people that 'story alert' and 'story favorite' you are the jelly on my toast but all the people at review you, you get to be the toast with me
In all i love you all and thank you
"Ayyy" Ling said if that's what you'd call it, as he slapped my back " Who knew you could pack a punch like that!" he said as he slapped my back again respectively.
'What the fuck is this guy's problem' I thought as my anger boiled.
"Good job, Edo!" Once again, earning yet another slap
"Stop it" I said, flailing my hands of doom at him like it could really hurt him "Where are we?"
"Third Floor, East Side, Hallway four."
'That meaning what? I've been here for two hours like hell I'll know where that is'
"Lan Fan should be able to hold him back, or at least slow Envy down." Ling continued as he began w
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"Brother, Can you help me? I can't get it in"
"Al you always get stuck here. If your just  going to make a mess, why don't you just get me to do it for you from the start?"
"because if you always do it for me then i'll never learn"
"Al, we've been doing this for years already; if you haven't learned by now then you'll never learn hor to. so. just. stop. making. it. hard on your self"
"heh-heh sorry. I was trying to fix your mess. Is this any better?"
"yes thank-"
i whip around to sea a stream of black-green flow out of the office and stream around the corner.
"You may enter now" The secritary said gesteringto the huge gold lined doors that sat across the room from us. As Al and i entered the room a man with golden  hair sat at a mohgeny desk that has scaddered paper spred over it. shuffling through papers, he didn't even bother too look up at us.
"Hello ed, al"
"hello father" al said qrinning ignoring the mess on his dark grey jacket.
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Ok sorry peoples for the lateness my parents took me on a trip for the past two weeks so I was away from my beautiful computer.- hugs computer- I love you mar-mar-com ^_^. I like just got home an hour ago and haven't even finished unpacking yet but meh who cares. Anyways I wrote this while I was in well going to BC, then when I was there the one day was went fishing (my first time yay me) I had all my papers in my sketch book and the evil wind came and took all my papers out. The ocean ate two but I save most of them ^_^.
Do you ever feel like the world isn't real? That one day you'll wake up and everything you know will be wrong? A new life would happen; with things you could only call fantasy. A life where something new everyday, something existed everyday. I always thought that would happen to me; I truly wish it did.
When I finally got to high school, reality hit me; well, it felt more like it punched me and continued to beat me on the ground. Although I'm not saying I live a life
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Amestris Private Academy is defined by... One: prestigious families, Two: wealth, and three prosperous people;
Or at lest that's what father said. Today was mine and brothers first day Amestris Private Academy. We had only moved to Centeral City a Week and a half ago, After Mom Died. Before that mother, brother and I had all lived out in the country. We had to Because of mom's sickness. At the time we haven't seen father in years. It was hard at times and bother said that he'd forgotten about us but he still sent us birthday and Christmas Presents, so he was just busy with work, right? Lately though it seem as mother's Systemic lupus erythematosus was getting better and her Treatments were working. That is untill brother and I came home one day from school. She was lying in bed; one of the maids had found her passes out on the floor. The doctor said that the SLE had gotten worse and she didn't have much time left. Older brother and i stayed home the next day, so later in that day we we
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Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: My kind ^_^
Favourite style of art: Cosplay
Favourite cartoon character: Envy, Grell, Axel, Marluxia
Personal Quote: Sad Panda
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Watching: Time Go By
Some Old Habits Die hard.
This is one that took months to rid.
Now It seems to be it's trying to creep back up.

Should I give in to This want?
Should i take the path previously taken?
And let This Ruby poison seep though?

When Faced to choose With the Path I've been walking or the path that walks beside me; yet takes me back...

.... Sometimes i Just don't know which to pick...


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